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We build scalable tech products for startups and enterprise businesses that are easy to use and ready for market.

Emerging Tech

Experienced developers in emerging technologies such as Blockchain, NFTs, Cryptocurrency, DeFi, DAOs, Smart Contracts, Metaverse, VR/AR, and AI. Read details below.


Full service blockchain development. Proprietary blockchain networks, dApps that leverage blockchain storage, forked blockchains using existing protocols, and more.


NFT Collections, one-of-one offerings with custom configurations, and dApps with NFTs built in such as loyalty programs and fractionalized ownership, with a focus on real-world assets.

Cryptocurrency & DeFi

Payment solutions, Crypto on-ramps and off-ramps, fungible tokens, and decentralized financial tools. Selective to verified projects with sustainable tokenomics.


Self-operating organizations where decision making is done by voting protocols and smart contracts. Selective to legally compliant companies with tangible value propositions.

Smart Contracts

Custom Smart Contracts to automatically execute based on pre-set conditions. Configurable for Mobile or Web.

Metaverse, AR/VR

We build immersive 3D worlds from scratch if you have a vision for something not available on the market, or we can build experiences within existing metaverses. Unreal Engine and Unity.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning implementations to enable ground-breaking products and hyper-efficient systems. Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Bayes Classifications, and more.

Industry-Leading Web & Mobile

We have decades of experience with established frameworks used to build ecommerce, web, and mobile experience for startups and enterprise. Read details below.


Create and scale a custom eCommerce and fulfillment solution or use existing platforms. Shopify, Magento, and all major eCommerce plugins.

Mobile Apps​

Custom mobile apps ready for users on any device. Hybrid frameworks enable one code base to publish your app to both Google and Apply Play stores, or Native Mobile Development in Swift or Kotlin.

Websites & Web Apps

Mobile-first custom websites that fully optimize your web presence and enable user interaction. Web Apps that enable easy access for and device-specific features, or PWAs that download to the home screen.


Web-based, PC or MacOS, or Mobile. Engage users with rewards and captivating graphics.