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Cryptan Labs is the first Web3 accelerator and founder community based in the crytpo hub of Miami.
Apply for our next cohort by Sep 15th.

What is Cryptan Labs?

Since the e-commerce boom, we’ve helped founders and companies boom from early stages to series A and beyond.

In 2022 we launched Cryptan Labs to bring the next wave of companies and founders into the future of Web3.



September 2022 Cohort, Accepting Applications Now.



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Companies Currently in our first cohort

Our companies that power Cryptan Labs

Our Mentors

Ryan Kirkley

Cryptan Labs

Justin X


Benny Peleka
Benny Pekela

Birdwell Solutions

Christopher Sutton
Christopher Sutton
Director of Blockchain & Digital Assets


Maier Bianchi
Maier Bianchi
Founder / CTO


Brandon Gill

Gill Ventures

Why Join Our Accelerator?


Web3 Expertise

Our network of mentors, market makers, agencies, legal experts and other service providers will help you navigate the main challenges you’ll face building for Web3.



Get instant access to a tight-knit community of exceptional peers. Our founders support each other, share advice, form partnerships and build together.  We run Web3 Miami and multiple conferences around the world.



Our accelerator program and demo days allow startups to access smart capital from the most value-add investors in Web3.  With over $42 million raised to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Apply?

Any Web3 startup at any stage will benefit from the program.

Our expertise lies in Pre-Series A but we are ready to support at any level from pre product to go to market Cryptan Labs is ready to assist.

The former tends to benefit more from tokenomics, access to network and funding. The latter tends to focus on liquidity provision, community building and user growth.

Do you accept anonymous teams?

No. Due to our close relationships with investors and our partners we require founders to share their identities with us.

When should I apply?

We run 4 cohorts a year and announce applications at least two month in advance.

But we encourage you to submit your application at any time as we offer rolling admissions. Since most teams apply close to the deadline, applying early gives us more time to review your application.

How much does the program cost?

Nothing. The acceleration program is 100% free. Unlike other accelerators, we do not force investment or equity allocation.

A Founder's only obligation is to ensure they have the time and energy to attend sessions and work with mentors. We expect full commitment during the program's 8 weeks.

Free you say… But nothing is free what's the catch?

There's no catch.

We are a team who believes a high tide rises all ships so to speak and as such are committed to growing web3 adoption.

Our goals are to spur innovation in Web 3 and build the most founder-friendly network in the space.

Does the program provide funding?

The program is free and does not require any investment. We are partnered with multiple early stage VCs and work with grants to help secure quick capital.

Is the program remote?

Yes. The program is entirely remote. We host frequent events with partners in Miami and encourage in person attendance for our quarterly pitch event.

Do I need to be in a specific location to apply?

Our sessions are typically 11 am or 4pm Eastern to best serve global participants. ‍

If timing is a concern, we've got you covered. Recordings are available after each session. And your mentor will work with you to find convenient times for 1-on-1's.

How is the program structured?

The program relies on 5 activities: sessions, 1:1 mentorship, guided readings, group mentorship and demo day.

Educational Sessions: We run multiple sessions per week with leading Web3 experts and bring VIPs to speak consistently.

1:1 Mentorship: Startups receive 1:1 mentorship from Cryptan Labs partners and our extended network.

Group Mentorship: Founders meet weekly to share progress and challenges. Founders help each other identify solutions and potential challenges with support from Cryptan Labs.

Demo Day: 6 weeks into the program companies start working on their demo day presentations. Then, on week 8, startups present to our network and graduate from the program capped with an in person event typically at a major conference.

What are my chances of being selected?

We currently have >1% acceptance rate.

Founders are sometimes selected on their 2nd or 3rd application so we encourage you to apply again if you're not selected.

Apply by Sept 15

Join the world’s best network of Web3 founders and experts.